Bad Luck Removal in bangalore

Bad Luck Removal in bangalore

Astrologer MOHAN SHASTRY is the Most famous best  Bad luck removal in Bangalore. offer best Bad luck removal services in Bangalore


Bad luck is a negative, harmful, unwanted and undesirable luck or fortune. It is believed that it plays a vital role in the life of an individual. It is just a matter of luck which can make and destroy one’s life.



There are certain bad luck signs which are believed to fill a person’s life with adversities and complexities. Some of the prominent ones are-


  1. A black cat crossing one’s path
  2. Putting your clothes on inside out
  3. Tuesday the 13th is unlucky
  4. Unlucky to get married on a Tuesday
  5. It’s bad luck to shake your legs
  6. It’s bad luck to return home for something you’ve forgotten when once you have left for a journey.

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